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We at Lakson Group believe in providing prospects; we love to create opportunities which results in prospects of growth which produce innovators which create new ways of doing business different and most of the time better than the way the business generally operates in Pakistan.

People at Lakson Group have seen that happened within the Group where a small but innovative idea was transformed in to a complete new entity. We have the right to claim that we are the first few innovators of Pakistan which started as small Tobacco Company in 1954 and has transformed itself in a conglomerate with 15+ individual companies.

Lakson Group is a complete Pakistan based group with all the owners and stakeholders based in, operating and further investing in Pakistan. We strongly believe in the brand Pakistan.

Our initiatives are the results of the ideology in which we believe; we believe that strong associations between knowledge production and its use are the most vital essence for sustainable economy and collective development. 

In order to have this in a society we live in this can never be achieved by a single entity like universities, research institutions etc. Even any government cannot manage this on its own unless there is support from commercial and industrial entities. It has to be a collective effort from all stakeholders; starting with support from government to engaging the education sector involving research institutions with support from the industry.

We firmly believe that Public and private sectors together can build a knowledge industry at the grass root’ level which with the help of innovation and technology together can address the issues of health, poverty, unemployment, food production, housing, energy, efficient services and many other which are quite common in developing countries like us.

Lakson Group is a brand of its own that had created and appreciates the prosperity that a smart disruption can bring to society.

Lakson Group admires the uniqueness that can have a constructive and positive impact on the people’s lives and amenities that can push market to upgrade its standards. The Group is focused and willing to keep carrying its heritage of investing in such electrifying start-ups while providing them the necessary resources in terms of community connections, help in funding, infrastructure and facility, and most important the guidance that can help them to establish and deliver the much needed digital disruption.