Sustainability is built into the Lakson group's business processes through a well-defined vision, a value system committed to social expenditure and environmental preservation, and a governance structure that engages employees and other stakeholders.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Lakson group believes in contributing well to the country and community by serving numerous philanthropic causes. The multitude of social development and environmental initiatives Lakson group has nurtured from its earliest days flows from a wellspring of voluntary, as opposed to obligatory, commitment. Lakson group’s The Hasanali and Gulbano Foundation is working to serve less privileged and help others in such initiatives around Pakistan. The Foundation was established to undertake various financial aid programs and charitable contributions.

The Foundation owns and operates a multi-storied office building in the center of Karachi and the entire rental income from this property is being utilized for philanthropic purposes which have served more than 300,000 beneficiaries.


As a responsible organization we are committed to our social and environmental responsibilities